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Victory Meat Packers was inaugurated by Simon Chippin at the first-ever “Victory” location on York Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. There were actually two locations, the store on York, and a slaughterhouse in Marysville. Simon’s two sons, Mike and Harry, were involved in the family business from the time they were children. When the slaughterhouse closed, all the Chippins went to the current King Street store. Harry and Mike both worked for the store, and after a few years, their sons Seth and Gordie were running the store. Back in a time where TBone Steaks were 49¢/lb and there was no such thing as machine automation, it is extraordinary to see a small business come so far to what it is now. Today, you’ll still find Victory Meat Market on King Street in the heart of Downtown Fredericton, being run by the original founder Simon’s grandson, Seth Chippin.

Victory started with only meat products, then a produce department was introduced, and a grocery department was the final piece that made Victory what it is today. Throughout the years, the Victory mission has always been to offer the best service to its customers while making an effort to have the best prices in Fredericton. Since Victory is a family business, our customers have always been our priority, and our customers are like our family too. Despite larger box stores opening throughout the years, customer loyalty supporting the impeccable service and warm feeling in the store allowed Victory to remain a primary grocery store for many in the Fredericton community. The Chippins have shown the Fredericton area time and time again that supporting local business means supporting your community too, by means of donations and sponsorships throughout the years. Supporting the community would not be possible if we did not have loyal customers that have continued to shop with us over time. For over 80 years now, Victory has been an icon in the Fredericton area, best known for its high quality of meat and produce, and excellent customer service. Victory Meat Market is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure everyone is fully satisfied with the products and services we have to offer.

Great service doesn’t stop at the cash register!

At Victory Meat Market, we’re a little old fashioned: We’re proud to offer specialty meat cuts by request, wholesale orders when necessary, and carry-out service to any of our customers needing an extra hand to carry their groceries. Need a break on the prices? Check out our reduced rack in-store for price markdowns on select products!

Our mission is to do whatever we can to ensure that all members of the Fredericton community are satisfied while shopping with us!

Wholesale Program Available

Part of our mission to support local businesses is included in our Wholesale department. We are happy to partner with local restaurants, to help bring our amazing products to as many tables as we can!

Contact the store if you are interested in having our products in your restaurant’s kitchen!


We are proud to offer our very own Victory Meat Market gift cards, available in any amount! We also carry a variety of restaurant gift cards, prepaid Visas, etc!

A Conversation with Lynn Peters


Lynn Peters played an iconic role within the Victory family, as she was an employee for 50 years. A variety of positions in the store over the years gave Lynn the opportunity to learn and grow beyond expectations she had ever set for herself. At age 17, she quit school and walked to Victory on a Thursday to ask for work and started full time on that Friday (and she never looked back). Her first job in the store was as a meat trayer working on the bacon, and this was in a time where there was no machine automation, so everything was done by hand. Lynn claims this was her worst job at the store, since every slice of bacon needed to be perfectly placed flat on the trays. She remembers fondly the beef carcasses hanging on the hooks in the back of the store and will never forget how much she would get hit in the head with the meat hooks if she wasn’t paying attention. Since Victory is a family business, they treat their employees like family, and are always willing to teach others about business, and this is something Lynn loves the most about Victory.

Lynn felt the most fulfilled when working at the cash registers. Having a connection with the Victory customers is what Lynn says sets Victory apart from the big box stores. As a cashier, she created special bonds with the customers, and they were like family to the business. She recalls laughing with customers, celebrating their accomplishments, and crying with them too. Something every Victory employee will understand is that no matter the store hours were when they worked, once the door is locked at the end of the night, there has always been at least one person trying to come in. One thing Lynn can attest to is the fact that Victory Meat Market has always put the customers first, and with at least 3 deliveries in the run of a week, has always guaranteed high quality and fresh products on our shelves, at the best possible prices. Victory is always willing to help others in need, whether it be a fundraiser, sponsorships, donations, etc. Lynn recalls that when thieves would hit the store to take food, quite often the owners would give the thieves some food on the house since they were hungry enough to steal, and they would never steal from Victory again. Hardships often hit unexpectedly, and Victory has always been willing to help people out, no matter what.

There are a few funny stories from her time at Victory that she will never forget. Since Lynn was a young adult when she began her work with Victory, she recalls of a time when her and the other girls were chatting while doing the bacon, and Harry offered the girls $1 for every hour they could work without talking. Another time when Lynn was the Grocery Manager, she accidentally ordered 5000 boxes of Jell-O, and when it all arrived at the store, all they could do was laugh at the mistake. Times like these contribute to Lynn’s great respect for the Chippin family and the Victory Meat Market business as a whole.

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